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In the past decades homeowners associations have undergone explosive growth with approximately 50 million people now living in developments governed by these associations.

HOA´S are needed to manage recreational facilities, maintenance and other services.

Homeowners associations enforce the rules set by the members. They also provide necessary services, regulates activities, levy taxes and impose fines.

The association boards are elected by the members of the development, who pay a share of common expenses, usually per unit or based on square footage.

The benefits of having homeowners association is that it takes care of maintenance, enhancement, and protection or common.

The most significant Benefit is the track record home owners associations have in maintaining or enhancing property values.

It is important that all the home owners are organized in an association so they can maintain their development.

The association provides certainty that the community will remain physically attractive over time by enforcing rules and assessments for the maintenance of landscaping, architecture and common areas.

A home owners association offers the residents a sense of safety because they are established in gated communities that restrict the access to people who are not residents of the development. More than 8 million Americans now live in over 20,000 gated communities.

¨For a potential buyer it is very important that there is a well organized HOA, in which all of the home owners cooperate with each other. This gives them security as they can participate directly and have an influence on decisions. When owners are paying a fee they appreciate knowing that there is going to be 24/7 security, street lights, trash services, among other things.

It is as important to have an HOA for people who are going to buy as for people who already own.


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